Trail Time Now

I’m an international graduate student at the University of Florida. I’m originally from B.C., Canada, but have lived in Florida for the past 7 years (or so) for undergraduate studies, and now as I pursue graduate degrees.
My main hobbies include hiking, trail running with my dog Peso, who is my best friend on this Earth, and exploring wilderness.
I really like writing and am trying to get better at it. I had to make this blog as part of a communications course. Now that I have it I’ll use it to practice writing, share my thoughts on the outdoors, nature, and anything else that I feel like writing about.
My friends always ask me about the blog’s name. To save time and explanations I’ll just put it up here.
My sister is an animal trainer. She’s love animals for her entire life, just like me. Ever since we were kids, and even as a child, she loved teaching our pets complicated verbal commands.
Our favorite command we used as kids was “trail time now!”. Our dogs knew what it meant, and would become hilariously excited every time we gave the command. Over time it became a joke between us, and now we also use it between ourselves when we are going to see each other. It’s a really happy phrase in our lives, so I decided to use it for the blog.