Jupiter Florida Inlet Lighthouse

Jupiter, Florida

Jupiter Beach, Florida is a fantastic, hidden little Florida paradise. It’s a quiet, cute sea-side town situated right on Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Well, it’s not a total secret any more. It’s often featured on lists of the best small towns in Florida, But, it’s not over-run, or ruined yet, either.

The town has a really great, unique flavor to it.

Living in Jupiter Florida is generally very nice. Most people who live there say they never want to leave. We noticed that locals really seem to love their home, and are happy to share recommendations. Folks told us about hidden paddle boarding spots, and where to go for post-paddle/surf food.

The population is relatively low, with a little less than 60,000 residents. Like most of Florida, the population declines in the hot, humid summer and grows very winter as the weather setting switches from “Oppressive” to “Delightful”. There is the hurricane season to think about, but that’s a concern you’ll just have to live with if you want to live on the beach.

Of course, not everyone thinks that Jupiter is heaven on Earth. After all, preferences, values and opinions vary from person to person, and not everyone loves the slow, chill surfer life. Some people feel bored with the lack of stimulus, and said they prefer the nightlife of Miami/Ft. Lauderdale night life further south.

One very refreshing thing we noticed is that folks in Jupiter seem to really value their home, their environment, and want to take care of it. Maybe that’s because their home is so easy to appreciate? Jupiter is blessed with amazing waterways and fragile marine ecosystems at every turn.

Beyond the water, the beaches and great paddle boarding, Jupiter also has deep roots and history. For example, the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse—a classic, beautiful, old red lighthouse— goes all the way back to 1860. It shows that even a hundred and something years ago, people were sailing around and enjoying the lovely waters of Jupiter. There’s also a historical pioneer house from when Florida was first settled, and a WWII US Navy museum.

Jupiter Florida: A deep sea fishing boat in front of Jupiter lighthouse
Deep sea fishing in Jupiter florida

The cost of living falls is on the high side, especially when adjusted for earning potential. But, it’s still relatively affordable when compared to most Florida water-front real estate, and especially when compared to markets like California or Hawaii.