Morning Pages Start

Morning Pages. Springs. Houses. Florida. Ants. Publish.

I read about an author named Julia Cameron and a writing exercise she recommends in her book “The Artist’s Way”.

I’m sure I’ll miss some details here, but the idea is to spend time every morning writing, and just let stuff flow from your brain and onto paper.

I think she recommends using actual paper, but I will use this instead.

So, I’ve decided to try this experiment. I’ll just write, and then click publish.

This past month has been a series of roller coaster ups-and-downs.

I’ve been working incredibly hard on a school project related to Ichetucknee Springs. In some ways I’m happy with it and in some ways it’s been a real struggle.

I think at some time during the next few weeks I’ll try to organize a trip to go visit the springs again.

An old university friend contacted me recently. She asked if I’ve ever been to the Florida Devil’s Cavern– I think she meant Devil’s Den. Luckily she wants to go! She’s a marine scientist in a slightly different field, but she shares a love for diving, the ocean, springs, and everything water-related.

So, I’m thinking this might be the plan:

Tube Ichetucknee

Camping near Ichetucknee Springs

Maybe stay in an AirBnB near Fort White if we can find a good one.

I need to make a reasonable travel plan and itinerary out of these, but this is definitely the wish-list!

Ginnie Springs

Silver Glen Springs

Salt Spring

Rainbow Spring

Crystal River

Devil’s Den

Blue springs

Poe springs

I’m hoping that maybe we can scuba dive in Devil’s Den. I need to check the prices and cave certification details.

So, back to morning pages.

One facet of this technique is that it’s important to write, and just click publish, without doing any editing or really thinking too much about what you’re writing.

I find this to be challenging.

When we have to make a research report or any academic writing, which is basically the extent of my entire writing experience in life- everything has to be reviewed a million times and edited to perfection. This morning pages routine is more about creativity and letting words come without being filtered by a brain, and getting out of your own way, so to speak. It’s hard. I am so tempted right now to go back up through this post and edit things! But, I won’t. I just need to keep moving towards the goal.

Random jump here, but one thing that has been on my mind lately is hurricane season. It sort of snuck up on me and now here it is and I haven’t really given much thought to storm preparation, or what I’ll do this year in case of a hurricane. I guess I need to start thinking about that.

Like I think I said in a previous post, the idea of moving to Florida permanently has been on my mind lately. One good thing about B.C. though is that we do not have to deal with hurricanes up there! The idea of buying a house in Florida especially and having it vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding is nerve wracking for me. Some of my friends bought a house recently and they have been dealing with one maintenance nightmare after another. On one hand, the idea of locking in living expenses for the forseeable future and having financial stability is so appealing, but on the other hand, I always wonder whether it’s a good time to buy a house in Florida.

It seems like prices have risen really dramatically in recent years, and I wonder how the long term effects of climate change will affect this market.

Sure, lots of people have been moving from New York to Florida, but will they still do that when they can’t get flood insurance in Florida because insurance companies stop writing policies? Living by the water is definitely a double edged sword. On one hand, it’s a dream. On the other hand, it could be a nightmare. I guess that’s how those things go.

Ha! In the middle of writing this I had to take a break and go rescue some random beetle that wandered into my kitchen. Ironically I used a box from Terro, the ant bait, that I’ve been using to deal with a recent ant infestation, to safely ferry the little guy outside. I felt really bad about the ant treatment. The idea of systematically poisoning a colony of living creatures tore me up inside, but I don’t really want hoards of ants crawling across my kitchen counter top, either.

One thing is for sure, it was fascinating to watch the ants. They have such a unique culture, and observing them really made me think about how efficient and sophisticated their behavior is.

But, now I am talking about ants, and the morning pages time is over, so I will stop.

This morning pages thing is interesting. It feels very strange to publish this rambling, incoherent babble. But, nobody will ever read this, so I will press on.

Publish. Boom. Done.